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From Out of the Sand

From Out of the Sand

Having isolated myself from the Lord, I was spiritually drowning, tired and worn from life’s pressures. I was finished. No longer willing to go through the motions, I was ready to turn my back, walk away from God, and never look back. And yet I said one last prayer, hoping to receive something to grab me up out of my despair. Alone, depressed, and silent in my chair, the Holy Spirit simply said, “I hear your cry” He rescued me from self-destruction, and placed my feet on solid ground. My journey back into His presence has been a long but rewarding trek. He revealed my heart, and I had to confess, repent, and return for more instruction because it was true and done with love. I am humbled that He took so much time with me. He is my great I Am! My chronicled inspirational and poetic journey back into His presence was my revelation, and I now know that I was not alone in my drowning. So many people feel unworthy, lost, pressured, or isolated, and want to be comforted by personally knowing that God hears their cry as well. God wants to free you from feeling unworthy. He wants to tell you exactly where you are in Him and lead you into a closer relationship with Him. This book encourages you to listen, obey, and be responsible to the Holy Spirit. You are not alone! “I hear your cry” ushered me into His peace. It is more than enough.

Book Reviews

David Vickers


“This is a wonderful book about the author’s Christian journey. It gives encouragement to all who have gone through rough times to persevere. God will make us overcomers and will reward us with peace and joy. I enjoyed when he related his experiences onboard a submarine in the Navy and how ‘taking a sounding’ relates to our prayers to God. You will appreciate his transparency and can apply the wisdom he shares to your own life. The author kept my attention the whole way through the book. I couldn’t put it down until I finished it.”

4, Jan 2014

Doris Jean


“From Out of the Sand is so inspiring in our Christian journey. All seekers want to find that place in Christ where we are at peace with ourselves and our creator. Mr. Seiting’s poems show that walk of growth and grace. His story parallels those poems.”

11, Oct 2013

Darla Lyon


“It was very interesting to see and understand where the author came from and where he is now in his journey. I loved the poetry which helps the reader to understand where he got his faith. I think this would be appropriate for all ages, old enough to appreciate the author’s personal insight as well as his life’s journey.”

23, Feb 2014

Steve Sieting

Steve Sieting attended East Kentwood High School in Michigan and then served in the navy for six years as an electronic technician, serving four years on board a nuclear submarine (USS Snook SSN 592). He and his wife, Lynn, moved to Georgia to raise their one daughter and two sons. Steve is a cancer survivor and a Hospice volunteer.


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