From Out of the Sand

Overcoming our faults and sins and beginning our Christian walk is difficult. I refer to these memories as the “Shadow of the Formidable One”. Overcoming your shadow is necessary to free yourself from being hostage to the past and moving towards freedom in Jesus Christ.

From Out of the Sand provides inspirational poetry and stories that has occurred in my life that many can relate too. It’s about allowing the Holy Spirit to lead you out of your place of comfort into revelation and seeking Him always. It encourages you to be still and to know that He is God. Through reading His word, prayers, and meditation on Him, He will shine His light on you so that you will find your depth in Him. Starting your confessional journey of surrender will bring about personal “Psalms” that cure your heart and mind bring the peace that is found in Jesus Christ.

Allow “From Out of the Sand” to provoke scripture searches, prayers and meditation that draws you to finding the Holy Sprit’s still small voice within you. It is His heart’s desire to be welcome into every chamber of your heart and mind so that your joy may be full.


Words are absorbed, repeated, and echo in minds.
How long they last is not a matter of time.
Uttered in a whisper or stated as fact,
Once they are said, you can’t take them back.

Search my heart for the gifts that I bring.
Let them be pure, not tethered by string.
Allow me to sow, let each field stand on its own.
Let the glory be yours and yours alone.

I was sitting on the sofa, watching the children’s TV show Romper Room. The show’s host would ride a stick-horse around. At the end of the show, she would look through a looking glass (it was really just a handheld mirror with the mirror removed) into television land to see all the boys and girls. She would say, “And I see Tommy and Sue and Billy,” and so on. One day she called out my name, “Steve.” I had always watched the Saturday morning TV in my underwear, and I was so embarrassed she had seen me in mine. Feeling exposed, I ran and got a blanket to cover myself. Then I took it a step further. I went up to the television—right up to the television screen—and looked at it from all angles to see how she had seen me. I never watched television again in my underwear until much later in life.

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