We all recall the famous Theologian, Obi Wan Kenobi saying “May the verse be with you” as he sends Luke into the mission battlefield.

Please forgive my attempt for humor in mixing the bible and Star Wars; but there is some commonality between the two that one can relate too. They both encourage strength that relies on a faith in a higher power, encourage learning more and new things, awareness, and listening for guidance. I base this off my limited Star Wars knowledge from the first and only Star Wars movie, so I hope critics will cut me some slack on specifics of the Star War saga while they are more than welcome to criticize me for only having seen only the first movie.  Truth be told, I just don’t see many movies.

Many well-meaning people find that the important things that they commonly do like praying, reading their bible, teaching a Sunday school class or being a good mate become routine to the point not much thought or care is required to keep the repetition going unit we find ourselves in a rut. In essence, we travail, but fail to prevail spiritually in our daily walk. As in life, we slowly die each day cell-by-cell and this habitual lifestyle too slowly kills and separates us from our first love, Jesus Christ because it lacks heart. When the bible says “what good is it to gain the world and lose your soul”, it also includes good works within the church. Jesus was clear in His reply to Martha when she complained about Mary stopping to worship Jesus instead of working to support the dinner. Work has its place in our lives which includes preparing to worship, but work never supersedes worship.

Newness brings a fresh anticipation of change that heightens awareness and listening ability when you are looking forward to an event. An awakening if you will, to learn new things and meet people can have a huge or impact that encourages more stimulation to bring back the joy into your life. If you have ever lost your joy like I have to the point where the Holy Spirit had to breathe life back into my dry bones, you would fully understand the importance of having and keeping your joy. I like to think of joy is the oil in our lamps that will keep us ready as the Lord calls for His bride. While there were ten maidens waiting together for the bride groom, only five maidens had oil enough to follow. It’s that important to me.

Doing something new to me involved getting out of the church and meeting people in the community by either working alongside someone in a local ministry or helping hurting people and having a compassion ministry. It blesses me and allows me to be a blessing to others with my testimony. While so doing, I have received the gift of a softer heart towards others, my eyes are more compassionate, and I stop to listen more often. At the same time I gained strength and encouragement in my testimony. Joy has become my favorite refreshment and it over flows my soul. I can’t ask for more than that.

In the navy it is obvious that each ship has to navigate the rivers and open bodies of water each having its own challenges and adversaries.  Still, the ship synchronizes their movements through communication working together.  Unlike the navy, on-the-job training doesn’t necessarily come with someone by your side guiding you during maneuvers until you’re qualified to stand the watch. Without a quartermaster and chart, lookout, sonar and radar to know your position and to constantly scan to make course adjustments, maneuvering becomes rigorous. And so life too is rigorous to many lacking the skills, help and communication they need to navigate daily. I learned a long time ago that if I was navigating life and if I wanted something like grace and mercy, I had to give it too. Simply, judge less and grace more and you will find something new most every day.

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