Much is said and written about faith. To the one’s that appear strong in faith, it is often said that they are delusional in hope, while others without faith are captives of hopelessness. In the middle is where most people find themselves living wanting more hope without the commitment and risks. I find that we are very needy people living in relative terms in a relative world. Everything is based upon our own experiences and perspectives; therefore our faith struggles.   Poetically in my book “From Out of the Sand”, I phrase it like this.

Conditional Man

Man offers conditional prayers looking for conditional signs.
Living conditional lives we sit and opine.
We give conditional love and a conditional tithe.
We have conditional truths and tell conditional lies.
We want what we want and not just in time.
“Not your will Lord, I’m comfortable with mine”.
Man judges others to justify self.
It’s easy to do when God’s word stays on a shelf.
Governments invade while the church sits in pews.
We think were blessed there so little to do.
Knowledge has increased yet man has not changed.
“Life for self” is the name of our game.
There is but one hope, God’s son, Jesus Christ.
Giving unconditional love, He sacrificed all and paid our price.
Steve Sieting, October 29, 2012


Our human efforts can be futile when it comes to faith so we need the Holy Spirit’s revelation to find and help us to resolve our issues. God knows our spiritual condition and in order for Him to help our faith, our condition must first be addressed because He cares for our soul and not a Conditional Man.  I know of what I speak because I have been one myself.  So, in order to increase and steady our faith, what must we do?

In trying to answer this question, I looked in my Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible and found that most of the time the word “faith” meant “assurance, fidelity, truth itself, consistency in such profession” and was derived from a base word meaning “to rely on by inward certainty, be confident, obey, trust, and yield”. Only in Hebrews 10:23, faith meant “to anticipate, usually with pleasure, expectation or confidence faith, hope”.  In all this, one word stood out above all others; that being “fidelity”, so I looked it up in Wikipedia and found Fidelity is the quality of faithfulness or loyalty. Its original meaning regarded duty in a broader sense than the related concept of fealty which is a pledge of allegiance of one person to another.

In essence, our struggles with our faith are due to the quality of our faithfulness and loyalty. We can’t pray to God and have Satin as our playmate. We can’t live with our spouse and dream of another. A house divided against its self cannot stand. John 4:24 says “God is a spirit and must be worshiped in spirit and in truth”. The only proven way to improve our quality of faithfulness is to know Him better in His word, prayer and obedience. To do everything as unto the Lord no matter the trial. Like the butterfly that must struggle to get out of the cocoon so that its wings are strong enough to enable it to fly, I too must struggle for my faith to grow. If I had never struggled in this life, I would never have met my Lord. Notice that I must struggle, my faith, if it is loyal, should not struggle but only increase. The vail in the Holy Temple has been torn wide open. Let us not pray from the outer court yard when we can boldly enter into the presence of the Lord. When you truly reach out and touch the Lord and you feel His touch upon your life, your struggles will be of no consequence because of your faith’s foundation is secure upon Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior.

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