There was an elderly lady that struggled to get on the stage at church to pay the keyboard. Her husband had passed away and I would watch her faithfulness  and effort each week. The Holy Spirit impressed upon my heart to give to her what I could in secret. While it was never very much, I gave until she passed away. Later, my daughter became very sick and lost her job and I was paying her insurance and some other bills totaling almost $1000.00 per month.  It was very tight, but we were somehow making our way. During that year two people paid me $1000.00 to help me with her bills and one was in secret. It was a very humbling experience to know that God moved others to give to you without saying one word.

Having been blessed by much more in secret then what I did in secret obedience, taught me that God is in our secret place. I don’t have to announce to Him what I have done and I certainly don’t have to wait for a blessing before I move onto to the next thing. He will find me in the most appropriate time and work for my good. I noticed in the bible that Jesus did not wait around for people to thank Him after their healing. It was a gift from Him that many received without receiving the gift of forgiveness of sins and so I have adopted concept of a gift from me is a gift without questions or requirements. I simply give it and walk away like Jesus unless they return with thanks. In my book, I word it like this:

Unconditional Gifts

Search my heart for the gifts that I bring.

Let them be pure, not tethered by string.

Allow me to sow, let each field stand on its own.

Let the glory be yours and yours alone.

May my thoughts, words, and prayers be kind and humble.

Lifting up others and helping those who stumble.

The tithe that I bring, I pray you bless.

Obedient it’s given, cheerfully acquiesced.

Work in me that I give not for a return.

But in childlike faith, it’s your will I yearn.

Let not my gifts be reserved only for you.

But the very foundation of all that I do.

Out of love you always give.

So I must follow by the way that I live.

It’s not important that I be made known.

Only that you know me and welcome me home.

Steve Sieting, October 9, 2011


Many Christian can quote Luke 6:38 to give and it will be given to you. Good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over… and with joy they also quote another verse that says “God loves a cheerful giver”. While these are scriptural and true, they part of my giving DNA and do not motivate me to give. I look at giving as an act of my heart giving to their heart helping meet a need that shows they are cared for.  This includes paying tithes.

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