A “blessing in disguise” is a common expression we often hear. As far as laymen would think, these are unexpected blessings hidden behind seemingly normal provisions we get. Oftentimes we look for blessings in disguise and we tend to overlook one of God’s great blessings clearly not in disguise: life.

Life is one of the most precious blessings we can receive from God, and it’s not hidden within anything else. Life is tangible, intangible, and can be perceived through many different ways aside from our senses. That is how apparent the blessing called ‘life’ can be.

Life is one of the most complex processes in our existence. God’s ingenious design of life for mankind is something worthy of praise and glorification. Life is a complete and stands on its own without any help from us and yet we get to merge in and enjoy it as much or as little as we pursue and perceive. It is more than just the complex interactions of chemicals and cells that make up the human body. Our very lives are like threads to the fabric of existence. Our individual life affects the different lives around us, much like the interweaving of threads in a tapestry: we are interconnected at certain points with more than one person, just like when we closely look the weaving patterns of threads in a fabric. God imbued us with a heart, which is the seat of all emotions and a mind which governs how we think and perceive the world around us.

So apparent is the gift of life that we tend to overlook it and take it for granted. For many, the transition from our youth “being the responsible one”, the less we seem to appreciate life. We become preoccupied with making a living, which more or less involves money. Our seemingly unending pursuit of monetary gain seems to drive us to exhaustion and we end up going in the most unlikely directions in life. At times we become greedy, calloused, disillusioned, and disregard our lives or the lives of others. We sacrifice our well-being or the well-being of others, we value money more than we value our relationships with others, we intentionally restrict our emotions to focus on our careers and we become busy with just about everything, even the non-essential things. Pursuing material wealth and superficial happiness can lead us to look at life in a limited and narrow perspective. It is then that we complain to God about the situation we find ourselves in and complain about how difficult our lives have become. If we just take time to circumspect and reflect on things, we would realize that we are to blame for our predicaments and we are responsible for our own undoing. As mentioned earlier, God gave us a complete package in life and equipped us with senses, emotions, intelligence, and above all a soul to serve each other as we live life according to His purpose and will. Our imperfections are often detrimental to others and ourselves, yet nothing can separate us from the love of God.

Every single day we wake up is something we should thank God for. We should see it as another opportunity to live our lives and set it straight to follow the path towards God. We can learn from children about how to appreciate life — find simple reasons for happiness, love wholeheartedly, laugh and cry for real reasons, be faithful and forgive easily. Life is too great to waste and too wonderful to regret.

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