Webster’s dictionary has the definition as: 1 to get the better of: SURMOUNT (difficulties), 2. Over power, overwhelm: to gain superiority: win-overcomer.

This word means many things to many people because it is personnel and for many it needs to happen more often for one reason or another. Whether it is physical, mental, spiritual or a combination of each, we are a needy people with our struggles. Our struggles may not even happen due to anything we did, but nevertheless, we have to face the issue to overcome it if we are seeking a better life or becoming a better person.

For me, I count my first overcoming event as a miracle. It was caused by environment. I became very inward because I was not held as a child not even for feeding. My mother almost died while during my birth (11lbs, 11oz). We were poor, our home was small and they already had three older active boys. I seldom cried since I had not received any stimulus. My mother told me that she could put me on the floor and three hours later, I would be in the same spot. I grew to be a big boy (35 lbs. on my first birthday), but as I grew, I fell further behind in knowledge.

This lack of knowledge followed me throughout my school years as I did my best to hide others from knowing the truth about me. My youth leader at church took me to a grocery store where he knew the manager and did all the talking for me so I would get my first job. No one ever knew that I had low self-esteem and felt stupid. My low self-esteem was also in part due to my many large pimples on my face and back and I had over sixty warts on each forearm and hands which were ugly starting in the late elementary years. The warts went away after I cut and burned them many times. My mouth was also filled with thirty four cavities. My self-image was that I was Stupid and ugly.

My road to overcoming my lack of knowledge started when I watched others. It gave me a revelation that I was being passed bye and it was up to me to help myself. It was hard to learn on my own and be critical of my self- improvement, but necessary since it was my secret, or so I thought, and besides, I also grew up never complaining much about anything. To this very day, I seldom complain. It’s not my nature.

My book about my inspirational and poetic journey has many things about spiritual overcoming because I also had to face myself in the light of who I was and how God saw me. I pray that you would be blessed and encouraged as you read my book “From Out of the Sand” and use it as a tool to examine your own life making no excuses, only choices to draw closer to the Lord.

The sand on the cover represents my comfort zone where I played as a child and the key represents the Holy Spirit leading me out of it.

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