The thing about prayer is that there are about as many different types of prayer as there are the names of our God, The Trinity. Each name of God has its own character, meaning and power. And like the names of God, our prayers have the same three traits. But there is one trait of the names of God that we often leave out of our prayers and that is, God is personal. The most important thing to God is that you are submissive and supportive of His love which involves getting to know him on a personal level. I know many will read this and will say that they pray, read the bible, and walk by faith, so this blog is not for me. May I ask you one question? When have you last heard the voice of God speaking to you? This is personal because it has everything to do with your relationship with your Lord. In John 10:27, Jesus says “My sheep listen to My voice; I know them, and they follow me.”

So how does one create an effective powerful prayer life that has a personal impact? Psalm 130:5, says it like this, “I wait for the LORD, my soul doth wait, and in his word do I hope”. Notice that the inner most being waits for the Lord and that they have placed their trust in His word. When you have taken the time to place the word of God in your mind, it presses downward into your soul causing you to seek the Good Shepard. This internal atmosphere enables hearing from God regardless external events in our life. My favorite prayerful experiences have occurred when my prayer ended and I lingered by meditating on the goodness of God based upon scripture.

In that post prayer turned meditation time, God sometimes interrupts my thoughts to bring light to my soul. His voice is short, clear and to the point. His loving words are provided to encourage growth, but it also brings me closer to Him wanting more personal time. One such time, God interrupted my thoughts with a simple phase from the book of Revelations.  He said “I have something against you”.  I responded with self-justification for a short time and I finally asked, Lord, what do you have against me?   He responded that “you pass by people every day and that your hands are not dirty. You do not stop to look into their eyes and offer compassion.” See, while I was living for God, He had more of Himself to place in me, that being a heart of a servant. I realized that I was just like the Priest and the Levite that passed by and didn’t offer to help the person left for dead on the side of the road. I do help people in need, but God wanted me to seek helping others as a part of my daily life. I repented and made plans to travel my daily road as a servant and looked for ways I could minister in the community.

During my search I felt lead to join Hospice as a volunteer.  Despite being very tired in body, I was determined to get started, but before I could, I was diagnosed with leukemia. It was hard for me to stop, but truth be known I couldn’t go any farther. During my treatment, the very fact that God had spoken to me and given me a calling, gave me faith to stand on. I quit praying for my healing and trusted God completely that I was going to be able answer His call on my life.

This experience has encouraged me many times, but it is not the only time that I have heard God’s voice. Once you wait upon Him and hear His voice, you will never forget it and will want more of Him. In this life, we are all on the road where bad things happen to people. If you will stop and get your hands dirty with compassion, read and meditate on His word, your prayers will have power simply because you are submissive and supportive of His love. The power of prayer reveals your inner depth in Christ. The last question I have for you is how deep do you want to go in Christ?

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