Matthew 6:10 is the second line of what is known as the Lord’s Prayer; “Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven”.

Dr. Mark Rutland has preached every year for thirty (30) years at the GA. Men’s Advance weekend retreat. In a sermon on the “Lord’s Prayer” he specifically made a point about a small part that seems so insignificant; that being the words “in earth”. He asked and answered, what is the earth made of? Dirt of course, and then he asked, what are we made of? Again the answer was the earth which is dirt. He went on to say that Jesus said thy will be done “in dirt” (meaning in people) as it is done in heaven. Having never heard this before, it made so much sense to me because I believe we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit in us and He wants to work in us and through us for His glory.

Just as the words “in earth” seemed insignificant, many times we also feel insignificant when we pray to the Lord. It’s hard to fathom a personnel God that is Lord of all, will take the time to meet my needs let alone listen to me, but we pray anyway because Jesus told us to and showed us how to pray, and He also set an example by also praying Himself. If we’re honest with ourselves, most will admit that when we pray for needs, we have a predetermined agenda listing the root cause analysis of our problems with the necessary solutions all planned out for God to simply get moving on for our wellbeing. With honesty still in the forefront, can we also admit that we are short sighted, selfish, sinful creatures that have a long way to truly arrive at our Holy appointment?

Since we are sinful and our time is short, prayer given and received with the help of the Holy Spirit will help us understand our inner depth and sinful nature with love and clarity. There is no condemnation in those who are in Christ, yet He sets us free as He reveals our sins in His light, and if we are willing participants in His light, we shall move from glory to glory. We can face hardships and still have the victorious life because of the assurance we have received by our two-way communication with the Lord and the illumination of His Spirit. Love and clarity makes trusting and faithfulness child’s play which is exactly what Jesus expects of our approach to Him. When you fully come to understand this, you don’t have a problem going boldly before the Lord and calling Him Aba.

Aba is more than personnel; we have a blood line with the Father in Jesus. And because He knows us as sons and daughters, and loves us to much to let us stay the way we are; guidance and correction are a necessary part of love and clarity. To receive the fullness of such, you have to be open and be a willing vessel.

Seek the Lord’s will in your prayers having confidence the He will work all things out for your good. Recognize the Holy Spirit is in you. Listen for the still small calming voice of the Spirit and when you hear it, you will never forget it and you will desire more of Him.

Love and clarity comes through prayers founded on the truth of His word.

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