I wrote this poem, “Hidden Stones”, after my book was released and I sent a copy to the new CEO of my company. In his response to me about the poem, he replied that it made him think about how he is responsible for the company and the change in direction we would be going through. Every choice that he would make had a cause and effect on the life of the company and its employees. The simple act of kicking a pile of leaves revealed to him hidden things can have an adverse effect. It made him pause to take an account of his thoughts and actions because they mattered.

I-could-have or I-should-have are after-the-fact thoughts of living this life day-to-day, moment by moment. Pain can arise even in the joyful times when we least expect them to occur. I now find that a prayerful yielding life to Jesus Christ helps me avoid life’s hidden stones.

I hope you enjoy this inspirational and poetic journey and meditate on how you can apply it to your life.


Hidden Stones


Cool and bright on a dry autumn day, walking sod in a leisurely way.

Crackling erupts as leaves crumble by weight, moving them closer to their inevitable fate.

Kicking leaves makes a rustling sound and a visible trail appear where they once were found.


A pile of leaves tempts my eye. I have to kick it. I can’t pass it by.

Determined to fluff and scatter the lot.  The center of the pile marks my spot.

Swiftly kicking my foot did enter and abruptly halts at the hidden stone center.


The day lost the leisurely and focused on strain, every step taken was laden with pain.

When my foot heals I’ll walk in a leisurely way and enjoy a cool, bright autumn day.

Hidden stones are on every life pass, life is too short not to live it while it lasts.

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