Life can seem like you have a seamstress designing your clothes while you live each day. You never have all the material you need to finish the garment, but you know you’ll be able to pick some up on your way. When all is well, you look and feel your best and when it doesn’t fit the way you would like, the material is all wrong while the seamstress pokes you with the needle.  And just when you think your wardrobe is complete, it no longer fits and it is out of style.  Life is full of pleasant and unpleasant surprises, twists and turns. We tend to react accordingly to the situation letting life choose our moods and outlook instead of responding in careful measure.

I’ll be honest and say that many times I treat choices like a dandelion casting its seed to the wind. Many times, they just don’t matter to me and giving little thought and care maybe habit forming even infecting decisions of the heart, mind and body. The lack of investment with purpose limits our future and affects those in our lives. Now if you will, imagine that you are the seamstress and the needle is your hands. You realize that your naked and lack skills to cloth yourself, but you’ve got to try. Wanting more than a hand-to-mouth existence, it doesn’t take long to recognize that decisions are building blocks that form a foundation for life and that they all matter.

If you can imagine that you have the needle in your hand and are responsible for gathering your skills, knowledge and materials as a good seamstress would, than too one can conclude that excuses only hinder our cause. I was reared by depression era parents that I remember hearing them ask why something happened only twice in my entire life. Everything was treated as “what now”. Both my parents lived a hard life, but they made no excuses and always did the best that they could. I too have adapted this line of thought and way of living because I know I can’t change what has already occurred. When negative things happen in life, it is time to make a decision with purpose and move on because life continues.

When I was in the Atlanta Emory Hospital, undergoing chemotherapy for leukemia, I was meditating after my prayer thinking of all the ways God has been consistent in His love humans. As my thoughts continued in each instance, I found myself thinking that He was a “No Matter What God”. Finally, He interrupted my thoughts and asked me “will you be a person of No Matter What”? Ever since I replied yes to my Lord to this question, my perspective of life has changed for the better.  The bible has many stories that displays this choice in life is the best way to live. From the life of Joseph to Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego being thrown into the fire, they were men of “No Matter What”

Committed to our Lord no matter what comes has made the needle in my hand feel purposeful and steady and my hands and eyes are in unison calming my spirit. The increase confidence in the Lord, has made me feel like the Lord has guided my life into the 23rd Psalm and it is well with my soul. I still see problems, but I am at rest.

For our trust and faith to be in their purest form, we have to be people of “No Matter What”. Even when times become difficult, we will know without a doubt of where our help comes from. And if help doesn’t come, respond like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego with determination that you will not bow down to serve another.  We have no excuses if we have the Lord.

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