Writing about the beauty of love, life and the world can oftentimes bring me recall certain songs related to them. “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong came to my mind when opening up about the beauty of the world. The song was popular in the most unlikely time it was produced: the post-World War II era. It could also somehow get us to think of the irony of the song, (almost hyperbolic in a sense) as performed against the backdrop of destruction and recovery from a great war. Nevertheless, the song is timeless and will always be relevant in the way we look at the world.

The wide expanse and the almost unending horizon that we see are the farthest our eyes can perceive of the world. If we look around our surroundings, our eyes can only accommodate views of a few hundreds of miles before seeing the farthest spot as a minute and almost invisible speck. Such is the limit of perception through the human eye. We cannot see the entire world from our vantage point using only our eyes.

However, God has given us the most complex brain of all His creations. We were made creative and critical thinkers by God in order to perceive the world more than with the eyes. Thus, we have exponentially expanded the way we can view the world as time passed. With the advent of new technologies in the field of visual arts, especially photography and cinematography, we are now able to see different parts of the world and appreciate their natural and man-made landmarks at the comfort of our homes and with the touch of our fingertips.

At times, we can be selective on what we want to perceive. We tend to be drawn to beauty and be repulsed by unattractiveness. And when we look at the world from different angles and locations, we focus on the beautiful spots and skip the areas of pollution and destruction. A complete appreciation of the world should embrace all of its aspects and views, which includes the beauty and the ugliness of different places around the world.

No matter how we look at or perceive the world, it will always be a wonderful place. Generations after generations have benefitted and have been provided by the world’s resources. We have a lot of reasons to appreciate the world. No matter how small our house is and the lot we own, we should thank God allowing us to partake in the world’s resources and for allowing us to build our houses on the world.

The mere view outside our windows every morning we wake up is God’s way of showing us that the world is more than a rocky, circular planet, but is actually a home for His creations. As stewards of the world, we need to take care of it by starting at our own backyards. We need to safeguard the world from pollution and destruction. The chirping birds, the scampering critters, the swaying branches and rustling leaves of trees and the rising sun show us that we are fortunate to live and get to experience our world in all its beauty.

Every day is a chance to thank God for the gift of life and the opportunity to see more of the world in every possible angle and vantage point we can have. Truly, the world is an amazing place to live in.

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